Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Best Time of The Year!!!

I am so excited to be in Utah for Christmas! After spending the last four years in California for the holidays I am so happy to have a white Christmas. We decorated our tree tonight and Brett and Benjamin got into the holiday spirit with me!

Such a good little helper

Sledding With Mimi and Papa

All the Crawford's were in town for Thanksgiving and we had such a great time. Jack and Benjamin couldn't get enough each other. Mimi and Papa joined in on their fun and took them for a spin on the icy lane. Listening to their little giggles and yells is the funniest thing ever. My dad taught them to yell "Yaba daba doo" as they were sledding down the lane. Thank you Mimi and Papa for a weekend of fun! XOXO

Brett had to get in on the action!
Look at these faces!! Love these little guys!

Once There Was a Snowman...

We woke up on Sunday morning to a lot of snow. Ben was a trooper and went to church without playing in the snow. But after nap time he was ready to go out and play. He was so excited to make a snowman after we had read Frosty the Snowman.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


The time has finally come...we are so excited...SNOWBOARDING!!!
We thought it would be fun to take Benjamin up to the slopes so we headed to Snowbird. I couldn't believe that people were actually skiing/snowboarding this early in the season, but they were. B wanted so badly to buy a snowboard and go (he thinks the solution for everything is for Mommy to just buy it). Little does he know that he has to start out on skis. But he sees our boards and thinks he's one of the big kids. Brett can't wait to get Ben out for his first day...I think we might wait for spring skiing so Ben can grow just a little more...
The red cheeks say it all - nothing like a little Jack Frost and snowball snowcones to bring out the best of the Holiday Season on Ben's face.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

When Will The Leaves Stop Falling Down??

Being out in the yard takes me back to my childhood in Indiana. We spent a lot of time raking leaves and jumping in them. Benjamin and our next door neighbors had a blast playing while we worked. I think this is my favorite time of year. I am loving Utah right now.

Brett took B on a ride in the "Burrito" as he calls it. I am not sure how we didn't have an accident because Brett was going so fast! With these, two the faster the better.


Benjamin has a new game that he likes to play. Every time we get dressed for the day he likes to run around with his pants around his ankles. While he runs around he sings "silly pants, silly pants." Lets just hope that he decided this game isn't fun by the time he goes to school!

How To Stay Clean While Eating Before Church

Brett and Benjamin always eat breakfast together on Sunday morning and when I came down this is what I saw. Brett found a great way to keep Benjamin clean while eating, which for this little guy is a task! I think he is the messiest eater ever! I love this little gingerbread man!
Im loving the hair!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Going Private

It is time to go private. If you are interested in looking at our family blog email me and I'll add you to the list.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

BYU Football

It was a beautiful fall day and perfect for football! We took Benjamin to his first BYU game and he loved it. As soon as we walked into the stadium he saw the field and football and the players and wanted to be out there with them. He cried when we wouldn't take him onto the field. He kept saying "I play football, please!" The crying got more intense as we went up the bleachers but he soon decided that watching was okay for today.

Benjamins new favorite bud is his Papa. He wants to go everywhere with Papa. When they are together they are constantly playing and giggling.
Mimi and Papa outside the stadium