Friday, September 20, 2013

School Skating Party

Skating might be a little advanced for this child.  He isn't the most coordinated...But he sure looked cute doing it.

Snake Slayer

Ben and I were in the back yard setting up his new soccer goal and my neighbor came around the back to see us and promptly yelled "SNAKE!!!"  Ben took off running and locked himself inside the house.  He is terrified of snakes.  Maybe it is from the last time we saw one crawling on the outside of our house.  
I called everyone I knew to see if someone would come take care of this snake.  Not a single person answered, so I had to deal with it.  My neighbor watched the snake while I ran for weapons.  Together we attacked that nasty thing and I jumped so hard on that shovel to make sure the snake was at least super hurt.  It moved for quite a long time, which is just sick looking.  After an hour we went to check on it and then, when I knew it was dead, I brought it to the driveway so Brett could see what I had done.  I'm not going to lie, it was a proud moment.  But seriously if I see another one I'm heading back to California.

Dress like Daddy day at school

At Ben's school they get to do fun dressing up days and the first one was dress like dad day.  Since Brett works for a sporting goods company he is usually pretty casual.  Ben had everything to dress like Brett down to the shoes.  We nailed it.  Love these handsome boys of mine!


Florida time! 
 We took our yearly trip to Florida with my sisters and families.  I look forward to this trip all year and get so sad when it is over.  There is nothing better than relaxing with family and doing nothing but playing, eating and sleeping.  I am already ready for next year...and my parents will be finished with their mission and will be able to join us!  

Welcome Brian and Ali!!!

Brian and Ali decided to come see us for the long Labor Day weekend.  Their boys are the sweetest.  We had such a great time celebrating Ali's birthday.  
 We also took then on a bayou/swamp tour.  I was so amazed at how beautiful it was out there.  There are the most amazing birds, lily pads two feet in diameter, beautiful flowers and crazy alligators.  I tried not to think of all the creepy things under the water...

Ali and Brian's twins are the best kids!  They did so great on the HOT two hour boat ride.  Loved our weekend with them!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Baseball weekend in Houston

Brett had a video shoot with a professional baseball player in Houston so Ben and I decided to tag along.  
We swam at the amazing hotel pool and relaxed before heading to the ball field.
 We went to the Houston vs Toronto baseball game.  Ben loved watching the train move wherever a run was scored.

 He barely made it back to the car before he fell asleep.  Long day for this little man

First day of Real School, Kindergarten

Back to school, back to school... Full day kindergarten!  We are both so excited, I am a little sad, but Ben is ready to go.  I am dying over this uniform.  He looks so cute and grown up.  We found the best private school for Ben to attend.  I fell in love with it as soon as I walked in the doors.  His teacher is amazing and is so good for Ben's personality. 
Here's to a great year!

 Now a much needed visit to the gym for me!

Alligator Farm

Our nephew Parker came to visit us for a week.  We decided that the alligator farm had to be done while he was in town.  Sad to say that we have lived in Baton Rouge for almost 2 years and we haven't been to one.  It was time!
The guys that give the tours are crazy!!  They bug the alligators until they get annoyed and snap at them.  Notice in the video below that the guy taunting the huge alligator has a cast on his other hand from a bite he had gotten three days ago.  What was he thinking?